SEND SMS to Nepal from anywhere in world.

I don’t know if it works or not, but i found that this particular site in connection with Mero Mobile has brought this service for all Nepalese living abroad to send SMS web way.  So, normally what you’ve to do is that, you’ve to go to that particular site, enter certain details, give mero mobile number and send the message. Voila..

You can try that too.. Note: It’s limited to MERO MOBILE cell phones only…

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mIRC commands simplified

These are some of the must have commands list if one is on IRC server. For my reference purpose, i think posting this here would be great help for me if i have to refer to any commands.

All you have to do is connect to the IRC network and register your current nickname by typing:

/msg NickServ register [password]

Be sure to specify a password. When you next connect to the IRC network, you can identify yourself to NickServ by typing:

/msg NickServ identify [password]

NickServ will now recognize who you are. Once you are registered with NickServ, you can do all sorts of other useful tasks, such as kicking off people who have stolen your nickname. To find out what else NickServ supports, simply type the following:

/msg NickServ help
3. Register a channel with ChanServ.

If you want to create your own channel for discussing a particular topic, you will want to register this channel with ChanServ. This lets you keep control over who can access the channel and what rights other people can have on it. Simply create your channel by joining it:

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What is a Domain Name?

Let’s start by clarifying a common misunderstanding about domain names, which is the assumption that, a domain name is in the form! This is not true. When you acquire a domain name, the purchase is actually made on the right most two sections of the domain name which are “” . Hence, “” is only one of the many variations that you are entitled to have with “” (for no additional fees). To understand this and other very important domain concepts more clearly, let’s look at the 4 main parts of a domain name:

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T-Mobile Launches Ameo with VGA Display and QWERTY Keyboard

Today T-Mobile Germany announced the upcoming availability of the Ameo, a Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC phone/computer that the company co-developed with HTC and is based on the HTC Athena reference design. The phone portion of the Ameo is capable of connecting to 2100MHz UMTS/HSDPA networks, all four GSM/GPRS/EDGE network bands, and 802.11b/g WiFi networks. Bluetooth 2.0 support is also on-board. The Ameo also offers a lot of computing power thanks to a built-in 8GB hard disk, a 624MHz Intel Bulverde processor, and a internal GPS module. Multimedia capabilities include built-in stereo speakers, a 3 megapixel auto-focus digital camera, and the ability to power presentation projectors directly from the Ameo.

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Handheld germ eliminating device

Well if you are tired of washing off your hands for disinfecting your hands, then here is a nifty handy gadget which uses UV-C rays along with nano technology to kill those germs and bacteria. This technology is very time saving and efficient. I wish this could be available soon in Nepal too. Anyway, if we need, we can ask our relatives to bring it for us.

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Laptops can now go online anywhere

KATHMANDU, Jan 10 – Laptop users can now browse the net without connecting their notebooks to the phone or broadband lines, as Nepal Telecom (NT) is commercially launching PCMCIA cards in the local market from Wednesday.

Desktop computer users, however, will have to wait for some more time to avail the service as NT is still in the process of acquiring similar cards for PCs.

“The wireless cards, which will cost Rs 8,888 per unit, will be introduced at CAN Info-Tech being held at BICC of New Baneshwor from tomorrow,” Pratima Pradhan, deputy manager of Wireless Division of NT said.

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What to do and what not to do on this INFOTECH show!!!

*Don’t sign or give up your Name,contact details to any of the Institute stall or anything like that who wants to sell their part. Later, they’ll hound you like a dog which at times become irritating. The scheme to give or offer you with exciting gifts/lucky draw is just the way to get your contact details. I call it FISHING your details. 

*You really don’t have to visit each and every stall there. If you do, you’ll help for easy passage of crowd.
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